Why Mirae Asset

Mirae Asset headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.


Emerging Market Experts

As emerging market experts with a global perspective, we pursue excellence in investment management to help our clients achieve their long-term objectives.

Mirae Asset Global Investments is one of the world's most prominent emerging market investors and one of Asia's largest independent financial services groups1.

As of September 30, 2022, our total assets under management were USD $187 billion.

Global Coverage with Roots in the Emerging Markets

Rooted in Asia, Mirae Asset Global Investments has offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, the UAE, the U.K., the United States and Vietnam.

Mirae Asset's global network enables our teams positioned around the globe to capitalize on market-specific investment opportunities efficiently, as and when they arise, so that we can continually meet our clients' evolving investment requirements.

Diversified Investment Platform

Mirae Asset is dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions across major asset classes, delivered through a diverse set of investment vehicles.

We provide asset management services through a diversified platform that offers market-leading franchises in traditional equity and fixed income products, ETFs and alternative strategies such as real estate, private equity and hedge funds.

Client Focus

We have a singular, overriding focus and that is assisting our clients to best achieve their long-term financial objectives. We devote our considerable global resources to performing in-depth, bottom-up research in offering best in class investment products and building lasting relationships with our partners. As we continue to expand into new markets we look forward to serving new clients as we have always done, by building on principles.

1Source: One of the largest investors in emerging market equities amongst 61 asset management firms surveyed – Investing in Emerging & Frontier Equities Survey, Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE) September 2021.

Industry Recognition

In 2012 Mirae Asset was the first Asian asset management company to be selected by Harvard Business School as a case study for their MBA program. The study looked at how, within just a decade, Mirae Asset had successfully become one of the renowned firms in an industry dominated by large traditional conglomerates.

As an organization originating from the emerging markets, Mirae Asset's story has captured the attention of investors worldwide.